Long boots like an art piece with high-quality fine crystals shining dazzlingly, and laid out luxuriously up to the heel. Introducing a special shoe collection that shines boldly and glamorously from every angle, every time you walk, and there is no doubt that it will stand out in the city! without asking questions.
It will make the upcoming holiday season even more exciting.
The stones are attached using a special method called ‘Photo fix’, which makes them difficult to peel off.
In addition, we will attach spare stones, so please be assured in case of emergency.

Super loose soft long boots. It is no exaggeration to say that this season's stylish boots that represent YELLO.
YELLO has been creating shoes that produces a perfect visual effect to make your legs look beautiful, making the legs look slimmer, but these are purposely made to make your feet look heavy and created in a wider silhouette.
This "purposely" wide silhouette brings out a contrast effect that makes your legs look slimmer and produces a visual effect that hides and fixes the leg shapes such as bow- legs and knock knees.
It is with a full of magic unique to YELLO that brings out the beauty from a different perspective, a wider boot that makes your legs look slimmer.

It has a wide look, but the delicate heels and the silhouette with pointed toe sharpens the entire look and create a beautiful line. You can wear it on your bare feet, but you can also wear it with a tights or slim pants to look more stylish, or even with loose pants. The delicate stiletto heels create an exquisite and stylish balance.

To redefine the concept that "the sole of boots is as hard as a board", the newly introduced super flexible sole has become softer, realizing an astonishing and light walking that has never been produced before.

There is an adjusting rubber inside the thigh that you can adjust the fit, so you don't have to worry about it slipping off.

※All shoes have a double cushioned low resilient insole and provides a comfortable fit which you cannot experience with other brands.

There are individual differences in the pattern, the position of the accessory parts, and the texture of denim. Wood and shells are all natural, so there are individual differences such as grain, knots and natural wounds.


size(cm) 22.5 23.5 24.5 25.5 26.5
width(mm) 214 221 228 235 242
heel height(mm) 98 98 100 100 100
shaft length(mm) 595 605 615 625 635
ankle(mm) 312 324 336 348 360
boot opening(mm) 474 490 506 522 538
size(inch) 5 6 7 8 9
width(inch) 8.43 8.7 8.98 9.25 9.53
heel height(inch) 3.86 3.86 3.94 3.94 3.94
shaft length(inch) 23.43 23.82 24.21 24.61 25
ankle(inch) 12.28 12.76 13.23 13.7 14.17
boot opening(inch) 18.66 19.29 19.92 20.55 21.18