YELLO's best- selling “foundation pumps” have evolved.
From its first launch four years ago, we have repeatedly renewed and derived our own golden ratio.
Sharp and beautiful silhouette of the toe and the low vamp creates a sexy look.
A master piece by YELLO that is simple but contains a sense of beauty.

While maintaining a beautiful form from every angle, we have not forgotten to keep comfortability in walking.
Upgraded to super insole this season.
Sampling the shape of the Japanese foot, the heel, arch, and toes in three-dimensional structures with different low-resilient cushions, you can feel the comfort while walking more than ever.

In addition, we have used a thick low-resilience cushion for the heel.
You can easily go up and down the stairs by putting on the clear band to prevent it from falling off when walking.
We have updated the stitching method so that it feels more comfortable.
You can walk beautifully without getting tired even if you wear it for a long time.

8.5cm heel which is slightly lower than the previous collection.
Despite moderate slope angle, it will still make your legs look long and delicate.
In addition to the hard black, 4 beautiful nude colors that you can choose just like a foundation.
6 colors in total, including a red checkered pattern that will make you feel ready for the holiday season. These pumps are useful for daily use, and funerals because they are not made of leather.

※All shoes have a double cushioned low resilient insole and provides a comfortable fit which you cannot experience with other brands.

There are individual differences in the pattern, the position of the accessory parts, and the texture of denim. Wood and shells are all natural, so there are individual differences such as grain, knots and natural wounds.


JPN SIZE 22.5 23.5 24.5 25.5 26.5
width(mm) 208 215 222 229 236
heel height(mm) 85 85 85 85 85
width(mm) 77 79 81 83 85
US SIZE 5.5 6.5 7.5 8.5 9.5
width(inch) 8.19 8.46 8.74 9.02 9.29
heel height(inch) 3.35 3.35 3.35 3.35 3.35
width(inch) 3.03 3.11 3.19 3.27 3.35