YELLO's special project apparel that embodies this season’s theme "Digital Tribe” is now available. The metallic silver logo, a design which resemble an unknown code that transcends time and space. The dragon icon on the back creates a sense which makes you feel you are a part of a science fiction world.
Front / back prints resonate with each other, creates an atmosphere which provides a deeper sense of the story.
The body is made of vintage washed high-quality waffle fabric. By wearing it, washing it, and repeating it over and over again, it will give a better look.
Oversized tops and short leggings set. It is also a nice that the tops completely hide the part you want to hide. The fabric has excellent elasticity and it’s one size fits all, designed to fit anyone with any body shape or size. The armholes are comfortably designed. The visual effect makes the shape of the upper arm look slim.
Available in washed black, sand, brown, violet and green. In 5 earth tones that symbolize the digital tribe. Please enjoy this unisex design, with a simple design and austerely elegant colors.

・Each patterns and size may vary slightly due to pigment processing which is applied to give a special texture and color.
・ Color may transfer due to friction.
Please take caution when combining with light-colored clothes.
・ It may whiten due to friction.
Be careful of excessive friction caused by bags.
・ Please wash immediately if the color is transferred to the innerwear.
・ Be sure to check the care instructions and wash / clean as indicated.
・ By repeating washing and cleaning, the color may fade.
・ If you partially scrub or brush, the decolorization of that part may be noticeable.
・ When washing, turn it over and wash it separately.
・ Please avoid using a dryer.
・ Please do not use stain remover. The color may fade due to the stain remover.


body length(cm) 71
shoulder width(cm) 42
chest/bust length(cm) 57
waist(cm) 26
front rise(cm) 26
inseam(cm) 15
hem width(cm) 20
size(inch) -17.5
body length(inch) 28
shoulder width(inch) 16.5
chest/bust length(inch) 22.4
size(inch) -17.5
waist(inch) 10.2
front rise(inch) 10.2
inseam(inch) 5.9
hem width(inch) 7.9