Inspired by the lace-up boots that was popular last year, this season's lineup is more sophisticated heeled sandal.
A vintage-like design which will stir your imagination. The classic and antique sword-tip buckle, have a strong presence creating a wild and sexy look.
The stacked heel has an amazing stability and further enhances its attraction. Contrary to the heavy looks, the balance leads to creating an effect to make your legs look more feminine and slimmer. The fusion of tough and delicate design gives off a sexy feeling. By making the toes wider than usual, the I line from below the knees to the toes looks longer, creating sharp legs.
Not only its beautiful design and its effect to make your legs look beautiful, but also the comfort. The insole is made of thick and compact material. It wraps the entire feet softly, enhances the stability of walking, and makes it less tiring. The strap has an adjuster, so you can easily adjust the foot height and foot width according to your size. Regardless of the height or width of the instep, anyone with any shape of foot can wear it.
Contrary to its wild look, the colors are creamy ivory that adds a soft look, military khaki that further enhances a vintage look, and black that makes the color contrast with the skin tone even more beautiful. It goes well with vintage items and natural linen materials, as well as denim style and workwear. It is a shoe that you want to enjoy for a long time as a vintage shoe.

※All shoes have a double cushioned low resilient insole and provides a comfortable fit which you cannot experience with other brands.

There are individual differences in the pattern, the position of the accessory parts, and the texture of denim. Wood and shells are all natural, so there are individual differences such as grain, knots and natural wounds.


size(cm) 22.5 23.5 24.5 25.5 26.5
width(mm) 83 85 87 89 91
heel height(mm) 93 93 93 93 93
width(mm) 212 219 226 233 240
size(inch) 5 6 7 8 9
width(inch) 3.27 3.35 3.43 3.5 3.58
heel height(inch) 3.66 3.66 3.66 3.66 3.66
width(inch) 8.35 8.62 8.9 9.17 9.45