This year’s global trend item is the non-wash denim.
We’ve prepared 3 colors, 2 Non-wash denim colors and light blue denim color.Produces delicate and feminine look with exotic crystal tapes placed along the side.
It will make your instep to the toe long and sharp, as well as leading to a feminine look.
We use bronze orange side tape like a jeans stitch for Indigo denim.
For black denim and light blue denim, we use exquisite matte gold side tapes.

Every time you walk, the crystals along the side tapes sparkle elegantly.
If you coordinate them with the same color denim pants, it will give a uniform look making your legs look longer. By combining stiletto heels and denim fabric, it won’t be too casual, they can match with mature style and street style.
The very latest denim boots. Please try on our recommended item!

The belt boots that we’ve recommended from last year, have hip-up effect in addition to giving long leg effect by the waist belt.
Look sexy by wearing them with the shorts pants or be stylish by wearing them over leggings or skinny denim. You can adjust from the zipper behind. We recommend this edgy designed belt boots to our fashionable customers.

In recent years fashion has become season less, boots can be worn regardless of the season.
In YELLO we constantly research and improve to keep our customers satisfied with the comfort and design.
Good fit, prevent blisters, comfortable insole and the design, we will keep improving to produce the best shoes in your entire history. Please try on YELLO's shoes and have a wonderful journey.

The position of the pattern and/or effect on the jeans may vary as it is done by hand.
Thank you for your understanding in advance.


size(cm) 22.5 23.5 24.5 25.5
width(mm) 218 225 232 239
heel height(mm) 105 105 107 107
shaft length(mm) 625 645 665 685
ankle(mm) 255 260 265 270
boot opening(mm) 490 510 530 550
size(inch) 5 6 7 8
width(inch) 8.58 8.86 9.13 9.41
heel height(inch) 4.13 4.13 4.21 4.21
shaft length(inch) 24.61 25.39 26.18 26.97
ankle(inch) 10.04 10.24 10.43 10.63
boot opening(inch) 19.29 20.08 20.87 21.65