The beach season that everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived.
YELLO's first-ever SUMMER SET can be used not only on the beach or at the resort, but also in town for a variety of occasions.
We have a selection of items that will allow you to enjoy the summer to the fullest from tote bag, flip flops, beach towel to clear bottle.

【flip flops】
Flip flops, which are said to have originated in Japan, are produced using traditional methods in a factory in Nagata Ward, Kobe City.
The thongs are made from carefully selected natural rubber and become soft with body heat, making them difficult to slip off, which are extremely comfortable to wear.
The moderately thick foam rubber sole with the YELLO logo is elastic and non-slip, providing a comfortable walking experience.

【Beach towel】
These beach towels are produced at a factory in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, which is blessed with high-quality soft water that is ideal for making towels, and use Imabari-certified yarn with excellent absorbency.
Imabari's water has very little heavy metals and low water hardness, making it suitable for bleaching and dyeing textiles.
This large beach towel featuring the YELLO logo is perfect for the beach or pool this coming season.
The towels are made without damaging the fibers, which creates soft, fluffy feel. Please enjoy our beach towels.

【Clear bottle】
From the lid to the bottle, this Japanese-made bottle has a right size spout that allows you to easily add and remove ice, tea bags, cut fruit, etc., and is designed so that you can drink from any direction.
The YELLO logo gives it a stylish look.

【Tote bag】
This tote bag, which can store your daily necessities, is made from 100% cotton washed canvas giving a textured look with YELLO logo on the front.
The rounded silhouette creates a feminine impression.

※This item cannot be gift wrapped


size(cm) 23.2 24.3 25.6 26.8 28.2
size(inch) 5.7 6.8 8.1 9.3 10.7